Production process is carried out by qualified engineers and support technicians. We perform stress and destruction tests of products in our own laboratory

Aluminium castings

Aluminium castings

Production of high-quality castings mainly for the automotive industry

We use state-of-the-art technology.

  • Melting and holding furnaces Hindenlang and Striko Westofen
  • Pressure die casting machines Bühler
  • Equipment for mould treatment Wollin
  • Border presses and robots Reis

We produce aluminium alloy castings weighing from 20 g up to 4 kg per casting using casting machines with clamping force 260 – 920 tons according to DIN 1725 / 226, 231, 239 and others.

You can find our castings in roof mechanisms of convertible cars, as well as in various gearboxes and engines. To a lesser extent they can also be found in various electronic devices, medical equipment and aircrafts. Our main customers are INA Schäffler, Magna CTS, Valmet, ISE, Kico, Koki and Sennheiser.